First Aid for Anxiety: De-stressing

When you experience frustration, tension, fear or negative thoughts

Then what you really need to do is keep a clear head, but stress keeps getting in the way.

You want to be able to come up with the best solutions, to feel calm again and make it harmonious for all concerned.

Facing the challenges and relieving stress!!

See below to learn 'The ABCs of de-stressing'

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If you don't notice an immediate change in the beginning it is all the more important to apply it more often. If there is a high level of stress in your system you will not notice a small reduction at first. But by frequent de-stressing you will most certainly notice the effect!

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    Some reactions from participants:

    • "A tool for life"
    • "An eye-opener!"
    • "Amazing yet scientifically proven"
    • "Very instructive, not vague, concrete and practical."
    • "Very special. Small actions, big changes."
    • "You're gaining huge rewards from using it every day, and it's going so fast!"
    • "Very accessible method, super interesting, workable, useful"
    • "A simple, applicable technique"

    The video below explains how and why this works so well:

    Typical of Live The Connection is the combination of speed and depth..

    The method is based on neurobiology, psychology and contemporary brain research, which contributes to its power, speed and efficiency.

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